Everyone on the Today Show was amazed after Saannah Guthrie’s interview with Iraq War veteran Jon Lubecky. In the interview, Lubecky talked about how he used to want to end his life and suffered from a severe level of post-traumatic stress disorder. This was before he participated in three eight-hour MDMA-assisted therapy sessions led by a group of experts from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS).

“Every single day, no matter how good or how bad the day was, my brain was trying to figure out how to kill myself,” Lubecky informed Guthrie. He also mentioned in the interview that in his 2014 therapy sessions, he was able to give voice to things he never shared with anyone.

When he was asked if he was still living with the symptoms of PTSD, he mentioned that he no longer does and is fully healed.

The other participants in the pioneering MAPS clinical trial also shared similar experiences to Lubecky. The trial revealed that MDMA had no significant side effects and had healed more than half of the participants living with PTSD.

Dr. Rick Doblin, founder and executive director of MAPS, mentioned that if the study flourishes in the second Phase-3 study, it will prove the whole field of psychedelic psychotherapy in one initial go. Furthermore, Doblin mentions how revolutionary this study is and anticipates a full FDA approval for MDMA and DEA rescheduling by 2023. 

“This treatment is why my son has a father instead of a folded flag,” Lubecky mentioned to Guthrie when asked what he would say to other veterans suffering from PTSD. “I want all of you to be around when this is FDA approved. I know you can make it; I know what your suffering is like. I will tell you, and it’s all gone.”