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As more and more regions legalize drugs, the market keeps expanding. What was once used for medicinal purposes is now for recreation, leisure, and pleasure. There is no doubt that substances are being more commonly used, and because of the lack of regulation surrounding them, many people tend to abuse them. 

What may not be common knowledge is that substances have been used for healing practices long before they became standard for pleasure-filled past times. However, governments began to use the fear of abusing these drugs, and over time, substances were banned worldwide. 

Recently, there has been an increasing amount of research surrounding substances, particularly their application in the pharmaceutical industry. This research is focused on conducting experiments to observe the potential positive effects of these substances on the human psyche. Provided that the substance is administered in minuscule and carefuit may be possible to possibility that it can be used for psychological treatments.

How our mood affects us

It is no secret that our emotional state largely dictates the type of life we are living. Our moods and experiences forever-ending cycle, with each impacting the other. As humans, we tend to attach emotions to all experiences of our lives, no matter hThe or meager. In fact, the importance an experience may hold in our lives depends on the magnitude of emotions attached to it. 

The emotions attached to our experiences further create and influence our present mood. If the feelings aexpertise a particular experience are unpleasant, such as sadness, anger, and grief, you may find your mood upset and sour. In contrast, if the emotions you attach to the given experience are pleasant such as contentment, excitement, and joy, your mood will automatically improve. 

Microdosing psilocybin
Microdosing psilocybin for mood

With your mood stabilized and relatively positive your life’s circumstances differently life differently rather than if you were with a negative lens. You will automatically attach other emotions to experiences, further influencing your mood differently. This way, the cycle goes on. 

Besides dictating and guiding our experiences, moods can, and often do, impact our lives. This is why many psychological issues are categorized under mood issues and disorders. Our attitude also affects our ability to do several things but not limited to eating, sleeping, performing daily tasks, carrying our higher executive functions such as memory, planning, organization, and much more. All these minor aspects of times come together to encompass our lives. 

You may already have experienced “you’re sure of the mood” again, whether attending a significant event or even something as simple as taking a shower or eating a healthy lunch. This is generally not much of a concern, but the problem arises when you remain in a negative attitude. 

How can psilocybin help? 

One of the reasons we experience a change in mood or how we react is due to neuro. These are essentially chemicals within our bodies that relay the messages from our brains to any part that needs to perform a specific function. One of these neurotransmitters is serotonin, which significantly impacts our mood. A disbalance in serotonin can change the way you are experiencing your life.

This is where psilocybin comes in. Extracted from mushrooms, this compound causes the user to hallucinate vividly and experience an altered state of mind. Although it is mainly used to numb yourself to the world and as a relief from negative moods and experiences, you can also use it constructively. 

One area impacted by the intake of psilocybin is neurotransmitters. The compound acts as a booster for serotonin. Depending on the quantity the user takes, this boost can result in an unusual and unhealthy state of ecstasy. In contrast, if this amount is controlled, it can increase serotonin regulation to the extent that it only improves the mood and manages one’s emotions to benefit them. 

Microdosing psilocybin
Microdosing psilocybin for mood

In this case, the amount of psilocybin administered to the user may be extraordinarily controlled and carefully regulated. This means that the drug needs to be given in microdoses. Unlike a regular dose of 1 gram daily, microdoses of psilocybin or magic mushrooms may be a tenth of that amount. This amount is set to minimize the hallucinogenic effects of psilocybin and only allow the effects of mood and emotional regulation. 

One of the main reasons why many oppose this research is due to the misguided fear that psilocybin is an addictive substance that can majorly impact the mental state. Scientists propose strictly controlling the amounts administered to the individuals in question.

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