Can Magic Mushrooms Unlock Depression?

Can Magic Mushrooms Unlock Depression?

The sciences are slowly beginning to back the idea that magic mushrooms can help people heal their minds and unwind the damaging effects of depression. It’s not a cure-all, but it does enable the person to feel empowered and capable of taking the proactive steps required to change their circumstances.

This TED Talk from 2017 is from a clinical psychologist from Imperial College describes how Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybin), when used in a therapeutic setting, have been found to be a very effective treatment for depression. In this talk, she draws on her experiences working as a therapist on the groundbreaking Psilocybin for Depression study and introduces us to some of the patients and their stories of transformation.

Dr. Rosalind Watts completed her clinical psychology training at University College London. After six years of practicing psychotherapy in the NHS, she joined a clinical trial at Imperial College, investigating psilocybin (magic mushrooms) as a treatment for depression. Her research explores patients’ positive views of this intriguing therapy.

MD Microdosing Guide

Have you thought about Micro-dosing, but are unsure of where to start?

Thousands upon thousands of people are already microdosing with psilocybin and sharing their experiences of working with this sacred plant teacher. Microdosing is not recreational. It is partnering with a valuable medicine that allows you to feel exactly what you need to feel in order to heal from within.

You too can learn from this medicine. This guide will tell you what you need to know to get started on your journey.

A new trend has emerged in the past decades to not only consume hallucinogenic mushrooms for psychedelic trips, but to take minute amounts of it for soul connection, and physiological and self-healing from within.

Because there are numerous kinds of blends available, it may take time to find the dosage that is right for you and your system. Be patient and go slow.

This guide will help you find the mushroom teacher that is right for you, and how to microdose safely.

Microdosing vs Macro-dosing

Microdosing vs Macro-dosing

Often times, the conversation surrounding Psychedelics includes the association of a hallucination experience. As this may be true, it’s not always the case. Indigenous cultures have been working with Psychedelic plants for many thousands of years for not only physical healing but also spiritual worship. Normally they will work with large quantities of Psychedelic plants in a ceremonial setting. This is what we like to refer to as MACRO-dosing.

There is great benefit to occasional Macro-dosing, depending on the user’s end goal. That might be spiritual enlightenment, higher consciousness, or elevated perception. There are a few names for this type of dosing – Macro, Ceremonial, or Hero Dose.

At John Hopkins University, they have been conducting studies for the last few decades on patients who suffer from depression, end of life anxiety, addiction and PTSD with the use of a Hero dose. This is normally 3-5 grams of Psilocybin (Psychedelic) Mushrooms, administered by and monitored by a professional clinician as the patient occasionions their psychedelic experience.

But for those who choose to work with a MICRO-dose, they may only use .1 – .25 grams of Psilocybin, never actually feeling any affects at all. The purpose is not to necessarily feel anything, but to aid in the re-wiring of their neural network in hopes of achieving much of the same desired affects that Macro-dosing offers.

Both are highly beneficial, but to each it’s own. Which path would you prefer to take?

Can Psychedelics Heal PTSD/Trauma?

Can Psychedelics Heal PTSD/Trauma?

Every member of the Mushroom Doctor team is a Veteran whose mission it is to see those who suffer from PTSD find healing and freedom from the the debilitating affects. But we also know that PTSD is not reserved for Veterans alone. In fact, nearly everyone suffers from some form of trauma or another.

If you’ve ever read the book, “The Body Keeps The Score”, you would discover that the author’s assertions from years of study is that trauma is saved like a record in the unconscious mind that we refer to as the body. Trauma can be absorbed at the molecular level and healing can not be found from Talk Therapy alone.

Statistics reveal to us that an average of 22 Veterans commit suicide each day due to PTSD, and many of those were prescribed psychotropic medication with little to no affect. In recent years, many Veterans who suffer from the deteriorating affects of PTSD are finding healing in the arms of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy.

Studies are revealing a rapid decline in PTSD in subjects that work with psychedelic plant medicine on occasional macro-dose or daily micro-dose levels. The exciting news is that they are finding this modality is not only saving lives, but has zero side effects that one might find in prescribed medication.

You don’t have to be a veteran to understand the debilitating nature of PTSD, and you don’t have to continue living with the mental or emotional affliction it brings to your relationships, work, or overall well-being. There is a solution and it’s found in nature. 

“Let Nature Be Your Doctor”

Are Psychedelics Safe?

Are Psychedelics Safe?

What a great question! If you’re anything like us, we grew up in the D.A.R.E. era where the narrative seemed to lump all mind-altering substances into the category of vilified narcotics… but that would suggest, logically, that caffeine, sugar, and nicotine-containing substances should be there as well. 

For decades, the field of mental health has been at a loss for meaningful treatment advances. But in recent years, scientists have been behind the scenes – finding hope in the least likely of places: psychedelic drugs. Recent research suggests that certain psychedelic substances can help relieve anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and the fear surrounding a terminal diagnosis.

The biggest misconception people have about psychedelics is that these are drugs that make you crazy. And though this could be a possibility for those few who choose to misuse these substances, the same could be said for pharmaceuticals, alcohol, or opiates. However; when administered appropriately, psychedelics are not only safe; evidence indicates their healing effects seem to have greater success than their counterparts.

Not to mention, these substances are non-addictive.

So in summary, the science indicates that the efficacy surrounding mental and physical health as a result of taking psychedelics is solidified, and when taken appropriately (as all medicine should be), psychedelics are not only safe but they grant the user holistic relief to the mental and emotional challenges that afflict much of the world today. 

To learn more about taking these beneficial plant medicines in micro-doses on a daily basis for mental and emotional health, stay tuned for our next post.